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On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon you have the choice between two or three workshops. To facilitate the organisation please indicate for each of these afternoons the workshop you would like to attend.

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Tuesday 29 September 2009

Education   Avalanche Risk Assessement and Decision making

The determination of the avalanche hazard and decision making in the field are strongly determined by the human factor. Which tools, strategies and models are available to evaluate the avalanche situation appropriately and make relevant decisions? In which situations are decisions difficult to make? Are there new decision making methods? These questions are discussed in the workshop and the practical application of solutions is focused on.

Artificial avalanche release   Artifical avalanche release: New developments and Excursion Jakobshorn

The workshop takes place on the Jakobshorn (2580 m a.s.l.) high above Davos. First, an overview on the current methods of artificial avalanche release is given. Practitioners will then speak about their experiences with the application of artificial avalanche release in the different fields of application (such as ski areas, transportation corridors and settlements). Furthermore, the safety concept of the Jakobshorn ski area will be presented, and it is planned to demonstrate the DaisyBell and other methods of artificial release.

Stratigraphie   New methods in snow characterization and stratigraphy

New developments using modern technology allow to measure snow properties at different scales with unprecedented precision. In this workshop, key researchers of the new techniques will present in introductory lectures high-resolution penetrometry, near-infrared photography and optical stratigraphy, 3D-reconstruction of snow microstructure and numerical simulation of macroscopic properties using microstructure information. Finally, the potential application of these techniques in avalanche warning research and application will be discussed by the participants. (only in English)

Wednesday 30 September 2009

Forecast   Avalanche forecasting: challenges and future avenues

Avalanche forecasters and scientists will present the big challenges in predicting the avalanche danger, also with a focus on different scales of forecasting areas. Efficient field observations, stability tests and the practical implications of recent fracture propagation research will be discussed in terms of the benefits for professional and recreational users. A mobile observer communication system will be introduced. “Mind and/or machine?” - future potential of numerical forecasts, statistical approaches and rule-based systems will be explored and enhance the discussion.

Artificial Snow   Snow as a resource for winter tourism in the context of climate change

Climate change will have various effects on different skiing areas – depending on location. While global warming is well represented by climate models, local effects are difficult to forecast. Snow reliability will not only be a function of elevation. Regardless of the forecasted uncertainties better use of the resource snow should be made. Some of the questions that arise: How can snow production be improved: energetically, economically and ecologically? How can the treatment of snow (e.g. preparation of ski runs) be optimized in terms of durability, forecasting and planning? Are there alternatives in handling snow: snow farming, conservation and durability?


Thursday 1 October 2009

2D-3D avalanche dynamics calculations: Overview on   2D-3D avalanche dynamics calculations: Overview on
current models and their practical application

In the first part of this workshop an overview on the 2D-3D currently applied in Europe (A, CH, F, I, N) will be given. A short theoretical introduction will be followed by a demonstration of the user interface and a practical application of the models. In the second part of the workshop the participants will have the opportunity to present their own case-study. A final discussion will close the workshop.

Avalanche Rescue   Avalanche rescue: Technology - Search strategies - Medical aspects

The Avalanche Rescue Workshop focuses on the latest development in the field of search and survival technologies and techniques, excavation, the medical treatment of avalanche victims, risk management in avalanche rescue missions and the most up to date data on accident statistics. During this workshop, theoretical and practical know-how on the most survival chanced optimized approach to various avalanche rescue challenges will be presented and may be exchanged and discussed among the workshop participants.
The International Commission for Alpine Rescue will present their avalanche rescue related commission work of the Avalanche Commission and the Medical Commission. The close proximity to the ICAR 2009 congress (Zermatt, September 22-26) gives the unique opportunity to meet many of the ICAR Avalanche Commission members during ISSW Europe.

Bauen im Permafrost   Daily workshop: Bauen im Permafrost (only in German)


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